Bria wellness
As a member of the Generali Global Health Global Choice plan, you and your dependants have complimentary access to a number of important member services.
Your first point of contact when you or your dependants feel unwell is your doctor and with “My Digital Doctor” through our partner Advance Medical, you can schedule an appointment at a convenient time with a licensed doctor who are from one of their global teams, who is there to help you with all of your health and medical needs.
Step 1

Download the ‘My Digital Doctor’ app from the Apple App store or Google Play, register your details and schedule a video consultation, request a call back or call in directly.
Step 2

Input some basic information such as age, time zone, language and the date and select an available consultation slot marked in green. You will receive an email straight away that the appointment is booked and another email reminder 15 minutes before your appointment will start.
Step 3

When it’s time, your appointment will go green and you can press this to enter the waiting room. During the consultation you can:
• Explore treatment plans
• Discuss your medical history
• Understand your symptoms
• Plan your health goals
• View scans, test results and medical reports
• Annotate documents and chat securely
Step 4

Following the appointment you will be able to see the doctor’s summary notes in the consultation history section. This will contain appropriate recommendations and additional documents such as referral letters. You will also receive a satisfaction survey via email.
Download the My Digital Doctor app today from your device store.
Download on the App Store   Get it on Google Play
*Access to wi-fi or mobile networks are required for the video consultations
**Prescriptions are issued in line within safe prescribing guidelines, are always subject to the Laws and Regulations of the country where they are dispensed and not appropriate or guaranteed in every case
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