Summer of Experience
Dear Colleague,
How do you rate the experience you offer your clients? Want to make it even better?
We owe it to our clients to be the very best we can be for them, at every opportunity. That’s as true for individuals as it is for Citi as a whole: deliver a consistently great experience and you’ll boost the bank’s reputation and your own, encouraging clients to refer you again and again.
Get ready for a “Summer of Experience”
There are countless aspects to a truly great client experience and however good we are, there’s always scope to get better. That’s why we’re using this summer to hone our client skills to the max and expand our understanding of what enhances their experience.
Starting with our launch on July 5th, we’ll be bringing you a packed schedule of events, workshops, “TED” style talks, “client voice” sessions and much more – all designed to inspire you, share best practice and offer vital new insights.
With a long, hot summer in the offing and a World Cup to boot, expect a mix of the immersive and the informal - plus plenty of ice‑cream!
Launch Event
Date: 05 July 2018
Time: XX:XX
Location: TBC
Yours sincerely,
Rekha Rai White
Job Title