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Happy Chinese New Year
Happy Chinese New Year
A message from Kevin Martin
Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival are an important time of the year for many of our colleagues around the world and millions of our customers. While this year will again be different, it’s a time to take stock and connect with families and loved ones in whatever way we can.
This year is the year of the Ox. In Chinese culture the Ox is a highly valued animal and associated with hard work, honesty and strength. All values we can admire.
You can watch our colleagues and their families reveal how they are celebrating Chinese New Year in this short video.
Wherever you are and whatever you do, I wish you and your families a prosperous and healthy Chinese Year of the Ox. Gong Xi Fa Cai.
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Stories about us
HSBC Life Well+
HSBC Life launches HSBC Life Well+ to help customers take steps to better health in Hong Kong
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Hiring that’s fit for the future
Hiring that’s fit for the future
We’re refreshing our hiring process so we continue to hire and promote in a fair, transparent, inclusive way, benefiting from the richness of different ideas, backgrounds and perspectives.
From 15 February, all roles should be advertised and hiring managers will need to complete Hiring and Selection: Getting it Right e-learning to help them hire the strongest candidate from diverse talent pools.
HSBC Fintech company officially opens in China
As the first foreign financial institution to set up a fintech subsidiary in mainland China, it will initially provide advanced digital, data and technology services to Pinnacle. Its first offering – the new employee benefits solution offers a wealth planning platform that provides financial and well-being benefits to companies and their employees.
Third Party Distribution
Third Party Distribution (TPD) - Adapting to changing customer behaviour and expanding WPB Market reach
TPD has seen significant expansion since 2015. Notably, in 2020, third parties distributed USD29Bn in loans and mortgages, sold 300k cards and undertook 33Mn servicing transactions. TPD complements our physical and digital reach to be where customers are, supporting our strategy and growth ambitions across Retail, RBB, Insurance, International and Domestic segments.
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Our team shout-outs
OUTstanding LGBT+
OUTstanding LGBT+ Role Models
At HSBC, we are committed to helping diverse talent grow and thrive, and building an environment where people feel they belong. That’s why we’re proud to see five colleagues recognised within the OUTStanding LGBT+ Role Models Lists 2020 for driving a more inclusive workplace at the bank. Click to read more and see the lists in full.
Becoming Asia’s Best
Becoming Asia’s Best with our award winning products and services
HSBC Private Banking is delighted to be named as the Best Private Bank for Wealth Planning Services for the third year in a row, Best Private Bank for Alternative Advisory for the second consecutive year and Best Private Bank for Credit Advisor from Asian Private Banker’s annual Awards for Distinction – the most well recognised award for the private wealth management industry in Asia.
Together we can achieve more
Design Thinking @ HSBC
Design Thinking @ HSBC – featuring Stanford University
Need a customer-centric way to solve problems and create value? We’ve launched new design thinking resources to help you solve any business challenge. For more information:
Enrol in the Design Thinking 101 training course in My Learning, developed by HSBC in conjunction with the Stanford Centre for Professional Development.
Utilise the new Design Thinking Toolkit developed by the Customer Design team, available on and containing a wide range of tools and instructions.
Mentoring – The Rocket Fuel for Your Career!
Mentoring – The Rocket Fuel for Your Career!
As we reflect on our 2020 performance and ambitions for 2021, it’s a great opportunity to start a new mentoring journey. We’ve been overwhelmed with the number of mentors who have signed up and are available – both globally and organisation wide. If you have an interest in finding a Mentor but don’t know where to start, take a look at some of our tips and tricks to get the ball rolling.
Find out how you could achieve more with your career in WPB. Explore the current job vacancies along with supporting information now.
Current vacancies
Taylan Turan
My Favourites
Taylan Turan
Group Head of Customers, Products and Strategy
‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama. It was highly recommended by our teenage daughter hence it reminds me to be positive about the next generation.
I love Christopher Nolan movies. I find the intellectual nature of his work very intriguing. ‘Memento’ is one of my favourites.
TV Series
We enjoyed watching ‘Suits’ with our daughter who wants to study law. Whilst quite entertaining it also gives some good examples of wrongdoings to learn from.
I like the FT News Briefings, short and relevant. And more recently I started ‘The Alarmist’ series which are very informative but also funny.
Stephen M.R. Covey: “We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behaviour”. Really helpful to remember especially when one is frustrated!
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of Republic of Turkey. I am genuinely inspired by his game-changing leadership with unconditional altruism.
What’s next
I feel a deep sense of responsibility to play my part in future proofing HSBC. My current role gives me a great opportunity to deliver on the ambition.
My wife and my daughter. They are my inspiration for all I do in life; particularly for trying hard to make a positive impact to the people around me.
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Purpose and Values Launch
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EMpower Ethnicity Lists 2021 Nominations Open
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D&I Influencer Community Forum #2 – Celebrating Black History Month
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