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Twelfth Edition September 2021
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Focusing on collaboration to deliver for our customers
  Focusing on collaboration to deliver for our customers  
  Nuno Matos has landed in Hong Kong and, after a 21-day quarantine period, he was ready to meet colleagues from different areas of our WPB business in person.  
  After spending time with colleagues from our branches, contact centre, Insurance business, regional teams and many more, the next chapter of Nuno’s life in Hong Kong and Asia is off to an energetic start! He thanked everyone for their continued hard work and learned more about some of the opportunities and challenges that colleagues experience day-to-day.  
  Through all of his conversations with teams it was clear that collaboration is key. Working across teams and with our functional partners will ensure we achieve our promise of putting a “bank in your pocket” and being the trusted wealth partner throughout every stage of our clients’ lives.  
  It also showed how great it is to get out and about meeting people in person again and the positive difference this can make.  
What’s the latest on our new operating model?
  In June, Nuno set out a bold ambition to create a fully aligned and integrated WPB. John Goddard, Group Head of Wealth Model Transformation, says it’s an exciting time as we’re well into the planning phase, working closely with markets, and getting ready to move into implementation.  
  Watch the video below for our quick chat with John to find out more (and hear about his defining moment in 25 years at the bank).  
  We get it done  
  (3 mins)  
  Why it matters: we have a client base that’s the envy of other banks - working together across markets and the business is the key to unlocking this opportunity right across the client continuum.  
  We’re creating a simpler operating model for our clients and our people. It will bring the best of our capabilities together to create a seamless continuum for customers, enhancing our propositions and investing in our people and platforms.  
Global Private Banking launches refreshed brand and visual identity
  GPB launches refreshed brand and visual identity  
  Global Private Banking has launched its refreshed brand identity to support its clear strategy to become the world’s leading private bank for Asian, HSBC-connected and international clients. Following recently announced plans to develop a new High Net Worth proposition, GPB will also soon be adding considerable scale to serve a wider client base.  
  Great care has been taken with the design through research and testing with target clients to ensure it stands out from the competition and looks more cohesive, prestigious and modern.  
  What’s different:  
External name change to become HSBC Global Private Banking, bringing to the forefront its international connectivity.
New Imagery sourced from collections across the world and chosen for their unique beauty, depth and perspective.
Core brand colours intentionally integrating rich and deep red prosperous tones to visually align to the HSBC family, whilst coming across as the most exclusive WPB proposition.
  Hear Annabel talk about the new brand refresh and discover the GPB Brand playbook to give you more information. You can find all of the assets on and start using them today.  
Our new Customer Lifecycle Management Strategy
  The Customer Lifecycle Management Strategy  
  What you need to know: Our new Customer Lifecycle Management (CLCM) strategy is a unified approach to attract, on-board, engage and retain customers across the bank.  
  For our Universal Scale markets and Wealth/International markets, this means that by 2026 we want to surpass our best-in-class competitors and FinTechs to deliver a market leading digital experience. For our other markets, we’ll offer a suite of competitive capabilities similar to what other banks are offering.  
  What’s happened so far:  
1. Brilliant Basics and Success Factors: to help get the basics right we launched an interactive playbook and CLCM Self-Assessment tool to guide local maturity assessments and action plan design, as well as our dashboard hosting key CLCM metrics at global and local levels and mapped to different customer lifecycle stages.
2. Perfect On-boarding: deploy a sequenced and automated engagement solution guiding our customers along the 5 stages of the perfect on-boarding. Watch an explanation video.
3. Relationship Deepening: leverage the primacy 2.0 customer engagement / segmentation model to identify customer needs and recommend the right products or service more easily.
  Why it is important: Adopting a data and capabilities led CLCM can maximise value for both the customers and business. Improving attrition and increasing the numbers of customers who choose HSBC as their primary bank account by 1% would result in annual revenue growth of ~$150m and ~$140M respectively. Watch Nuno talk about the importance of CLCM and how we can get it right.  
  How you can support:  
Identify where your market is against the Brilliant Basics and success factors of CLCM, while putting plans in place to close potential gaps using the CLCM dashboard for key metrics.
Build the standard commercial processes to ensure the perfect onboarding of our customers and to develop deeper customer relationships by meeting more of their financial needs - leveraging the best in class practices from mainland China, Mexico and Hong Kong.
  Reach out to Rafael Frias for more information or any questions.  
Celebrating 75 years of HSBC Trustee in Asia
  Celebrating 75 years of HSBC Trustee in Asia  
  HSBC Trustee, integral to HSBC Global Private Banking, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. It is one of the longest serving private client trustee businesses in Asia.  
  What you need to know:  
Established in 1946, HSBC Trustee has been working with families around the world for 75 years to build bridges across generations of wealth, signifying the trust client has placed on us over the years.
HSBC Trustee manages US$200 billion assets under administration and over 2,000 trust structures.
  Why it matters:  
The 75th anniversary is an important milestone to WPB as well as to HSBC as a whole; it signifies the trust clients have placed in us over the years to pass their wealth from generation to generation.
HSBC Trustee serves the Group’s affluent multi-generational families, business owners and philanthropists. We help them to preserve their wealth and secure their legacy. With this well-established Trustee in place, this demonstrates that we can serve the full wealth spectrum of customers from first time investor all the way to UHNW clients. We should therefore leverage on this unique capability to deepen our relationships within the Group.
  What's next:    
The next decade will see a substantial wave of wealth transfer in Asia. Around USD1.9 trillion of wealth in Asia will be passed on to the next generation. We’ve seen how technological, environmental, generational and social changes are reshaping the future of wealth and legacy planning; HSBC Trustee will continue to enhance our services to forge stronger bonds with these entrepreneurs and families to help build for a more sustainable future.
We also marked our milestone with an environmental initiative, we are planting 7,500 tree seedlings in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo and will be tracking the impact over the next five years.
Find out more about HSBC Trustee and hear from some of our senior executives.
HSBC Life Hong Kong named Life Insurance Company of the Year at the Asset Triple A Awards 2021
  HSBC Life HK named Life Insurance Company of the Year at the Asset Triple A Awards 2021  
  What you need to know: HSBC Life Hong Kong (INHK) was named Life Insurance Company of the Year, Insurance Company of the Year for ESG and Best Financial Inclusion Initiative at The Asset Triple A Insurance Awards 2021. In response to challenges brought by the pandemic, INHK adapted its business models and products to meet clients’ changing needs, accelerated its digitalisation drive, and advanced its sustainability agenda.  
  Why it is important: INHK was also first-in-market to expand the beneficiary definitions of its life insurance policies to include grandchildren, grandparents, stepchildren, de-facto couples and same-sex couples at the application stage. Such efforts have earned it the Best Financial Inclusion award.  
  What’s next: From utilising big data to encouraging a healthy lifestyle, to providing support network for elderly care, HSBC Life will continue to expand and diversify its insurance offerings to benefit a wide range of customers.  
Future Skills – have you found your Focus4?
  Future Skills  
  Our Future Skills campaign was launched at the start of September with many assets to support you and your team to keep developing some of the key skills we all need now and in the future.  
  It’s part of our Future Skills movement, creating opportunities for everyone to learn, connect and grow by exploring new personal, digital, data and sustainability skills – these are critical for the future of work, to connect to each other and to support HSBC’s strategic pillars:  
1. focus on our strengths
2. digitise at scale
3 energise for growth
4. transition to net zero.
  What’s next:  
  Use the practical tools and guidance to help you prioritise and start developing four skills relevant to you – your Focus4 – using our Degreed learning experience platform.  
  You can find more information about Future Skills on HSBC University and HSBC Now.  
And finally...
Here’s what your fellow leaders have been talking about this month on LinkedIn. Get involved by liking, commenting or sharing:
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Back in the office: Juan Parma, Head of WPB, Americas, talked about visiting our office in New York and how much he enjoyed meeting with colleagues.
Sustainability: Nuno Matos, CEO of WPB, shared more on the 75th anniversary of HSBC Trustee and how we are helping build a sustainable future with the planting of 7,500 tree seedlings.
Celebration time: Katie Danby, COO, WPB, UK, celebrated her 25th “workiversary”. Her career has taken her all over the world from her first role in Sheffield to Germany, Israel, Qatar, USA, Switzerland, Monaco and beyond. Congratulations!
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